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Arbitration is when a lawyer, who knows and understands the application of the Law, acts as neutral third party to help settle disputes. Effectively, the lawyer acts as a Judge. Think of arbitration as your private courtroom, where you get to pick the Judge. 

Unlike mediation, arbitration is binding, meaning the disputing parties agree to be bound by the decision; the arbitrator's decision is final. The Arbitration Act (1991) applies to arbitration in Ontario, unless the parties agree otherwise. 


Arbitration can be used as a way to resolve disputes before or instead of going to court. We offer: 

  • Family Arbitration

  • Estates Arbitration

  • Civil Arbitration: Business Partnership Problems, Small Business Disputes, Breaches of Contracts, and Small Claims Court

The arbitrator, working with the disputing parties, determines what issues need to be resolved by way of a ruling. The particular issues decide what evidence may be appropriate for either side to put forward to the arbitrator.

The arbitrator receives background information on the dispute from the parties, and encourages the parties to prepare an Agreed Statement of Facts. However, each party is entitled to present evidence and argument on the remaining issues.

Married couples or common law spouses can use arbitration to resolve disputes and avoid the court process. Arbitration can be used for issues such as: 

  • custody of children

  • access and visitation schedules

  • child support and spousal support

  • division of property

Estate Arbitration resolves disputes such as:

  • challenges to a Will

  • dispute over specific assets such as family cottage or investments

  • allegations of fraudulent beneficiary designations

  • disputes over personal effects such as art, jewellery, or valuable collections

Civil Arbitration can resolve disputes before going to court, such as:

  • being laid off and having a dispute with your employer as to adequate severance or vacation pay

  • your landlord refuses to make necessary repairs to your rental unit

  • your neighbour has put a fence too far on your property line 

The arbitrators at Arbitration Works handle various areas of law including Family Law, Estate Law, and Civil Law. 

No matter what the nature of your conflict, our arbitration process is the same.  

At Arbitration Works, we attempt to use Simplified Arbitration to save you money. 

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