What is Simplified Arbitration?

Simplified Arbitration has the following objectives:


  1. To create a method of resolving issues by putting these in front of an arbitrator (adjudicator), that will apply the principles of law, as a court or judge would do, unless the parties agree otherwise.

  2. To minimize the steps and cost of this process, so that it is more manageable than the full or “unlimited arbitration.” In its full capacity, arbitration could look exactly like a court proceeding, with parties attending with representatives, opening statements, calling various witnesses, making legal arguments, followed by an adjudication. This process may take 2 or 3 days of evidence. The objective is to minimize the cost and process, but at the same time have the adjudicator make a ruling according to law.

  3. To allow for the arbitrator (adjudicator) to also deal with the issue of the legal costs of the process, in that parties may put forward offers to settle, if the result obtained by one party or the other is similar to the offer to settle which they presented, then the arbitrator may to award costs to the more successful party.


Steps in the Arbitration Process


  1. The parties will sign the Arbitration Agreement.

  2. The arbitration cost will be shared half each, but with the possibility of the arbitrator ruling on costs.

  3. The arbitrator will release the decision as soon as practicable. Thus it is anticipated that with the advance preparation time of the arbitrator reviewing materials (perhaps 2 hours), the hearing itself (perhaps 4 hours), and the writing of the ruling (perhaps 2 hours), and allowing for a further possible 2 hours of administrative time, the total time of the arbitrator would be perhaps be 10 hours.

  4. The total cost of the arbitration, by simplified form, may be in the range of $3,500, which could be a shared cost so that each party pays approximately $1,750.

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